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  1. matthew robertson matthewrobertson

    One sided platforms and primitive synchronization:

    Monday, 28-Mar-11 22:49:44 PDT from web at 34°3'8"N 118°14'37"W
  2. Jack Kutilek jackkutilek

    todo fix player grounded update function to check for contact with closest fixtures remove lean angle jump when floor angle passes max lean angle apply extra horizontal force when turning around complete gamebody outline conversion to selectable vertices update vertex window positions when camera moves combine polygon tool and spline tool gameobject property editor joint selection copy/paste bugs activating vertex editor changes selection mode to vertices, but doesn't update selected property window tab

    Friday, 18-Mar-11 18:30:17 PDT from web
  3. matthew robertson matthewrobertson

    Old Video:

    Monday, 14-Mar-11 19:45:54 PDT from web at 34°3'8"N 118°14'37"W
  4. matthew robertson matthewrobertson

    Worked on the preliminary Character Editor property window/Animation Editor integration.

    Monday, 14-Mar-11 19:36:58 PDT from web at 34°3'8"N 118°14'37"W

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